How Can I Stop Getting So Much Spam Email?

Spam messages are like a curse to the Email account. No matter what you do, what you try, Spam emails are like pests that somehow manage to get into your Email account. Although it is really a task to keep your email account free from spam emails, there are some workarounds that can help can help you minimize such unwanted emails significantly. To know how to prevent your email account from getting flooded with Spam emails, follow the below-mentioned suggestions.

Guide to Stop Getting Spam Emails

1.) Report Spam

Today’s email service comes loaded with a smart Spam filter tool that automatically filters out most of the suspicious emails and prevents them from making way to your Inbox folder. All such suspicious emails get stored in the spam folder of your email account. If you find any suspicious email lingering in your Inbox folder, you can mark it as a spam. The next time you receive spam emails from the same sender; your email service will automatically forward them to the Spam folder of your email account.

2.) Unsubscribe from The Service You Don’t Use Anymore

Most of the spam messages you receive in your email account are from the newsletter, applications, websites, deals, offers etc. you have subscribed to. If there are some services that you don’t use anymore at present, you can simply unsubscribe from them to stop receiving emails in your email account.

3.) Use an Alternative Email Address

Sometimes when you order a product or subscribe to a mailing list, you accidentally allow companies to send promotional emails to your email account. In such a case, it is best to use a separate email address for all your shopping and subscription requirements. This way you can easily keep your primary email account clear from unwanted emails. Some email services also provide the option to create aliases. So, you can use such aliases instead of your actual email address when you need to sign up anywhere online.

4.) Create Filters to Block Spam Emails

Most of the email services are known for providing an option to create a filter in your email account. Simply, configure a filter and create a rule in it to prevent unwanted emails from getting into your inbox folder. You can easily create multiple filters and configure them to move spam messages to either Trash folder or Spam folder in your email account.

5.) Use Third-Party Extensions

Another way to prevent Spam emails from getting into your email account is by adding a third-party extension app. This type of applications helps in catching messages as they move between an email server (where your emails are stored) and email client (where your emails get displayed). You can choose from different third-party applications such as Mailwasher, SpamSieve, SpamCop etc.

Following these practices will surely help you minimize the frequency of spam messages in your email account effectively. 

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