How to Submit an Email Restoration Request to Yahoo?

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If you accidentally removed any email(s) from your Yahoo Mail account (from the trash folder as well), fortunately, there is a workaround that can help you recover you’re deleted or missing emails in Yahoo Mail. To recover your lost or deleted emails, you will need to submit a restoration request to the Yahoo. If all goes well, you may be able to recover your email(s).

However, you must consider the following before submitting a restoration request.

  1. Only those emails will be restored which would have been gone missing or deleted in the last 7 days. If the email(s) you are trying to recover was lost or deleted beyond 7 days, you will not be able to recover it.
  2. Restoration requests are not always successful.
  3. Once submitted, you will not be able to cancel the restoration request.
  4. Emails that would be recovered successfully will be added back to the same folder where they were according to the restoration time-frame selected by you. In case you are unable to locate them, it is suggested to check your “Trash” folder.

How to Submit Email Restoration Request In Yahoo?

Once you have read the conditions mentioned above for the email restoration, you can submit a requested to restore your lost or deleted emails by following the steps mentioned herein below.

1. Go to the link Email Restoration Link - click here

2. Once the page gets opened in your browser, you will get a small form. You will need to fill as accurately as you can.

3. Start by selecting the reason for which you wish to submit a request under “Describe the problem”.

4. Next, select the time-frame under the option – “When did you last see the missing messages?”

5. Next, under “Yahoo ID” section, enter the Yahoo ID or Yahoo Email address for which you are looking to submit a request.

6. Next, go to the option which says “Email address that you have access to” and confirm the email address appearing in the text box.

7. After that, clear the CAPTCHA requirement and click on the Create Request button.

Once Yahoo will complete the restoration process, you will be informed on your email address.

So, this is how you can submit an email restoration request to your Yahoo mail account.

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J GUNASEKARPosted on 04:21:50 - May 2020, 23

Dear sir, I need my yahoo mail to be restored in the above address which is my official mail id so i kindly request you to restore the same having all message as it was Thanking you

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