How to Sync Yahoo Calendar With Android?

sync yahoo calendar with android

Sync Yahoo calendar with Android is an excellent way to keep a track of all your events and commitments. Not only does this help in organizing your upcoming events in a single place but also synchronizes them across the devices. If you are using an Android device and looking to sync Yahoo calendar with android, then you need to wait because unfortunately, the Android Calendar app doesn’t support CalDAV to directly sync with Yahoo Calendar.

However, if you wish to sync Yahoo calendar with android, there is a way around doing that. For this, you will need to install a third-party app; and using this app you can sync yahoo calendar with android.

There are numerous third-party apps available in the Google Play Store which support CalDAV and the iCal format. Some of these third-party apps which you can use to sync Yahoo calendar with android include:

Third-Party Apps To Sync Yahoo Calendar with Android

NOTE: All the above-mentioned applications are just for reference purposes. You can try any other third-party apps as per your preference to sync your Yahoo Calendar on your Android device.

4 Steps To Sync Yahoo Calendar With Google Calendar on Android device

1.) Launch the Google Play app on your mobile device.

2.) In the Search bar, enter the name of the third-party app which you wish to use to sync your Yahoo calendar on your Android device.

3.) From the result that gets displayed, tap on the INSTALL button. Wait until the application gets downloaded and installed on your device.

4.) Once the application gets installed on your device, launch it and follow the instructions to sync your Yahoo Calendar on your Android device.

Once you have downloaded any third-party calendar synchronization app, you may enter the following server URL in the settings to sync your Yahoo Calendar:

So, this is how you can easily sync yahoo calendar with android.

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