Create Temporary Email for Facebook – 15 Best Disposable Email Generators

temp email for Facebook

Haven’t you been asked to provide your email address upon seeking information online?

Those who use the Internet feel the need to create an email account to register and avail of the information or service. What happens next everybody knows!

The platform where you have registered your email address to obtain the service or information sends you dozens of promotional messages. Such emails serve no purpose except piling up your inbox. Not only does it irritate, but also it creates problems finding an actual work-related email. Hence, creating a temporary email for Facebook or forums or other social medial sites comes in handy.

What Is Temporary Email?

Also known as temp email or disposal email, temporary email has become an indispensable service that receives messages or emails at a temporary address. This email service is often called a 10-minute email or a throwaway email.

Exposing your main email address on various forum sites, social media platforms, and other not-so-trustworthy websites can be risky. When you use a temp e-mail address, you can keep your main email ID spam-free as well as protect your privacy.

Using a temporary email doesn’t mean you are an intruder or spammer. Instead, when you use a disposable email, you are fighting spam. While your ream email is used for business communication or personal use, the disposable mailbox can deal with social networks and other correspondence and registration.

Advantages of Having a Temporary Mail

Some of the main reasons for having a disposal mail account for Facebook and other platforms are –

  • When you want to signup anonymously.
  • When you want to replay to an email without exposing your real name.
  • When you want to forward a message without revealing any personal data.
  • When you want to access information on a particular website.
  • When you want to use it on a site for verification purposes.

How to Create a Temporary Email for Facebook?

Every day, several thousands of accounts are created on Facebook. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that many of these accounts are fake accounts or they are used by professionals. If you are a digital marketer or a social promoter, you shouldn’t use your primary email account and get flooded with a pool of spam emails. So it is wise to have a Facebook account using a temporary email. Let’s learn how to create a temporary email for Facebook.

15 Best Temporary Email Generators That Are Ruling the Internet Currently

The following list of temporary email generators showcases their most recognized features. You will also have their website links to avail of the service.

1) 10minutemail (https://10minutemail.com/)


When it comes to creating a disposable email address, 10 Minute Mail instantly strikes the mind. It is a secure temporary email service flaunting a myriad of exceptional features. Some of them are –

  • Unlike other fake email generators, 10 Minute Mail allows you to access your expired emails before they are permanently removed.
  • Set mailbox time to 100 minutes.
  • Service can be used on a mobile phone.
  • It safeguards your privacy and protects you from spam.

2) Temp-Mail (https://temp-mail.org)

temp email

Use Temp-Mail and stay secure. One of the most-advanced throwaway email services, Temp Mail helps you stay away from advertising mails. It can keep your inbox safe from attacking robots and hackers.

3) Email on Deck (https://www.emailondeck.com/)

email on deck

Why should you use Email on Deck?


  • Simple steps to create your throwaway mail.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly.
  • Safeguard privacy.

4) Throwaway Mail (https://www.throwawaymail.com/)


When you create a temp mail using Throwaway Mail, you get an email instantly. Emails received here expire after two days or 48 hours.

5) Guerrilla Mail (https://www.guerrillamail.com/)


Guerrilla Mail can send and receive emails. Isn’t it an amazing feature? To avail of the service, you need not register. All you need to do is to log in and use the service. It allows you to choose your email address.

6) One-Off Email (https://one-off.email/)

one off email

Not just Facebook but for other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, and Snapchat, One-Off Email comes in real handy.

7) FakeMailGenerator (http://www.fakemailgenerator.com/)


It offers a wide range of extensions including @dayrep.com, @teleworm.us, and @armyspy.com. You can choose a custom name.

8) Mailinator (https://www.mailinator.com/)


Top Features:

  • Send mail without registering.
  • Read and search for emails anytime.
  • This is a public email used by many leading companies.
  • Use it to test your website’s customer email interactions and sign-up system.

9) MailCatch (http://mailcatch.com/)

mail catch

Top features:

  • It is a free email service for creating temp emails.
  • Use it for an unlimited number of times.
  • Custom login name.
  • You can have access to Firefox add-on service.

10) Email Generator (https://generator.email/)


This temp mail is exclusive for Facebook. You don’t have to sign up or register to avail of the service. A popup message will be displayed on the screen when you get mail from Facebook.

11) Email Fake (https://emailfake.com/)

email fake

Emails received on Email Fake will be displayed on the home page and can be viewed without logging in. Emails received are valid for several days or even months. This allows you to verify your email on Facebook or other sites anytime you want.

12) Dispostable (https://www.dispostable.com/)


Easy to use as you can choose a username and use the default domain. The Dispostable mail generator can be used on Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers.

13) TrashMail (https://trashmail.com/)


Top Features:

  • It uses a secure SSL connection to send and receive emails.
  • You can send unlimited emails.
  • A CAPTCHA system to help you filter incoming mails.

14) Getnada (https://getnada.com/)


When you create a temp mail using Getnada, you avail of a variety of extensions such as @amail.club, @getnada.com, @wmail.club, @duck2.club, @cmail.club, @cars2.club, etc.

15) OwlyMail (https://owlymail.com/)


Use OwlyMail to save email lists. This fake email generator allows you to create a custom username. It offers notification alerts and can be used for Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix.

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