How To Track An Email In Gmail?

track email in Gmail

Concerned whether your email has been delivered to the recipient or not? Need not to worry if you are using Gmail. As a Gmail user, you have the option to easily track the emails you send from your account and know whether the recipient has received your email or not. The process is quite easy and simple to use. To know how to track email in your Gmail account, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Steps to Track Email in Your Gmail Account

To track an email in your Gmail account, you will need to install an extension to your web browser on which you are accessing your Gmail account. You can choose from any of the extensions available on the Chrome Store, however, here we have taken MailTag extension as an example.

1.) On your computer, open Google Chrome web browser, and enter the following URL in the address bar and press Enter key on your keyboard.

2.) Once you are on the page, you will find information about MailTag extension and the option to install it on your web browser. To install it on your browser, simply click on the Add to Chrome button given on the top-right corner of the screen. A dialog box will pop-up on your screen.

mailtag track email in Gmail

3.) In the dialog box, you will be prompted with a confirmation message to add “MailTag” extension. Simply click on the Add extension button in the box and wait until it gets added to your browser automatically.

4.) When it will get installed to your browser, it will open your Gmail account. Follow the prompts shown on your screen. As you will follow the prompts, you will reach a screen where you will be asked whether to Enable MailTag for your Gmail account or not. Simply click on the Enable MailTag button given in the box.

5.) As you will click on the Enable MailTag button, a box will pop-up on your screen asking to select an account to continue to MailTag. Select the particular email account with which you wish to continue to MailTag

NOTE: This option will be shown when you have multiple Gmail account logged in your web browser.

6.) In the next box, you MailTag will ask for your permission to access your Google Account. Click on the Allow button if you agree with the conditions mentioned in the box. MailTag will be added to your Gmail account.

7.) Then, click on the Get Started button and you are done. Now, to use this extension to track emails in your Gmail account, you will need to compose a new email.

8.) Once you have composed an email in your Gmail account, go to the Send button. You will see three icons next to the Send button – Tracking icon, Scheduling icon, and Pings icon.

9.) When you will hover your mouse cursor over Tracking icon, it will display “Disable Email Tracking”. This means that email tacking is already enabled for your outgoing emails.

10.) Now, to track the email you sent, go to the Sent folder and move your mouse cursor over the MailTag icon for that particular email, you will be shown the status of the email.

So, this is how you can easily track emails in your Gmail account.

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