How To Send Large File From Yahoo Mail

Send large file

Yahoo Mail attachment is an additional feature of your yahoo mail account; you can attach various files with your Yahoo Mail account. This is easy to communicate in an effective manner. You can do it easily with pictures rather than words. Here, we have a quick guide for you to learn how to send large file with your Yahoo mails & knowledge about Yahoo mail limit.

Steps to Send Large File From Yahoo Mail

To send a large file from Yahoo mail, you need to use dropbox which help you to store large file more than 25MB as per the Yahoo email limit.

  • Login to Dropbox, Secure & Free. 
  • Upload your files and get a shareable link
  • Now login to Yahoo mail.
  • Compose New email and paste the link.
  • So when someone links those link so they can easily download a file from that link.

Note - you can use Google Drive to use storage space.

If you want to check the preview of your attachments without downloading, then you can use these steps.

What Is Yahoo Mail Attachment Limit

While attaching files you need to make sure that your file size shouldn’t exceed 10 MB or the total email size shouldn’t cross 25 MB. Otherwise, you couldn’t send that mail. You don’t need to dishearten as you can attach the larger file with help of DropBox tool.

Steps to attach file in a Yahoo Mail from computer

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  • Then, click on Compose button
  • Here, click on the Attach icon
  • You need to click now on the Attach files from computer
  • In this step, browse the file to attach, and click to Open/Attach icon
  • You have successfully attached files with your mail

Steps to preview attachments without downloading

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  • Then, open an email containing attachments
  • Now, click on the attachment’s thumbnail
  • Here, click on View all to see multiple attachments
  • After that, click the X button when finished with viewing

If you wish to download the attachments then follow these steps. It will guide you to download files effectively.

Steps to download attachments

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  • Then, open an email containing an attachment
  • Here, simply mouse over the attachment thumbnail
  • Now, click on Download or Download all for multiple attachments
    • That’s all

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DimitriePosted on 06:43:15 - April 2020, 05

Why can't I attach multiple files at once? Why change this? Stupid programmers.

nektarios makrisPosted on 10:54:49 - June 2020, 20

yahoo sucks. it does even let me to send a 5mb email. i have tried anything. yahoo is the problem. i tried sending a 16 email and after 2 mins i got an email 'email failure file size too big'' then i tried to compress some of my content and shrinked the size down to 5mb and the problem is still here. i am out of yahoo (10year customer here) for good.

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