What Are the Yahoo Mail POP Settings?

yahoo mail pop settings

If you want to use your Yahoo mail account on the web, you can use the browser; but if you wish to get access to your Yahoo mail with a single tap or click; you need to configure it on some email client app or on your mobile Mail app. This will save you from signing in and signing out activities and saves your time too.

In order to configure your Yahoo mail account on some email client app or mail app; you need server exchange settings. These settings require getting your email account handy on your smartphone or desktop app.

We have Post Office Protocol or better known as Yahoo Mail POP Settings for you, which you can use to configure your Yahoo mail account on any third-party email client application or mobile app. Simply, using these Yahoo Mail POP Settings as your server will give you access to your account without signing in.

The action performed on the POP emails will not affect the original mails of the server. You can always have a back up with the server with your all mails. In fact, if you accidentally deleted any email; you can get it from your server. There are some exclusive features of using Yahoo Mail POP Settings; you can explore here.

Top 5 Features of using Yahoo Mail POP Settings

  1. 1-way sync – This keeps your mail app to only downloads email from the server
  2. Limited access – Only download emails from the Inbox; so there would be no change on the server’s emails
  3. No record of sent email – Emails sent from the app are not saved on the server to keep it safe
  4. Manage Inboxes independently – Deleting or moving email in the app isn’t reflected on the server
  5. Keep email on server options

The Yahoo Mail POP Settings

Incoming Mail (POP) Server

  • Server –
  • Port – 995
  • Requires SSL – Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

  • Server –
  • Port – 465 or 587
  • Requires SSL – Yes
  • Requires TLS – Yes (if available)
  • Requires authentication – Yes

Your login info

  • Email address – Your full email address
  • Password – Your account’s password
  • Requires authentication – Yes

Always make sure to use the correct port number and server address, else you will find some issues while sending or receiving email. Once you are done with the configuration process; then move to test it with a test mail.

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