AT&T Email Not Working – Here’s How to Fix All Errors

Different people have different email experiences with AT&T. Some consider the email service provider as the top-rated and largest communication company, while others have their own stories that say the opposite. Undoubtedly, AT&T is a widely recognized email service provider. It boasts unique features and takes pride in its extra security level that protects important emails and personal data. However, there could be several reasons why your AT&T Email is not working.

In this blog, we will talk about all the possible reasons that have caused the ‘AT&T Email not working’ issue.

Troubleshooting Information for ‘AT&T Email Not Working’

From login issues to reset password problems and from common AT&T email error codes to problems in recovering a hacked AT&T email account – if your AT&T Email is not working, keep an eye on all these problems. Other important issues that you should fix when your AT&T Email stopped working are POP setting, password issues, compatible browsers, spellcheck, sign-in issues, email going to trash, etc.

Below, we will talk about the most common issues that stop your AT&T Email from working.

1) Resolve Email Issues (Check Account and Settings)

 When you have issues with your AT&T Email, we suggest you try the following tips.

  • Your email should meet maximum message size limits. It should further include the correct recipient email address. Messages like ‘Problem Found – Message Not Sent’ or ‘Failed Delivery’ are likely to surface on the screen when the recipient’s email address is wrong.
  • Check the spam folder for missing messages.
  • You need to sign out of your email account. Again, sign back in.
  • Make sure the account has not been hacked. If it has, you will experience the following –
  • Missing emails
  • Display name changed
  • Emails from your own email address
  • Sending spam
  • Review your settings. You can do that by selecting the gear icon –
  • Filters: Emails should go to the correct folder
  • Blocked Addresses: Check this to ensure you continue to receive emails from a particular sender


2) Connectivity or Browser Issues:

Your email is not working probably due to bad connectivity. Maybe, you have an incompatible browser that’s stopping you from accessing your emails.

  • Shift to another browser and ensure your email is working fine.
  • Consider disabling browser tools if they are causing an error.
  • Enable and update JavaScript.
  • Clear cookies and cache of your web browser.
  • Check for anti-spyware, antivirus, and firewall settings
  • Enable Adobe Flash Player


3) Troubleshooting Email Programs or Apps:

For users accessing AT&T emails on an email program or mail client or app, they must check the following troubleshooting tips. (AT&T is upgrading its email security, you must be all set for the changes in your apps or mail clients.)

  • Check the email client settings. You need to verify your AT&T email settings –
  • Select “File” and click on “Account Settings”.
  • Select your AT&T email client and click “Change”.
  • Next, enter POP or IMAP information –
  • Incoming Server: (POP3) or (IMAP)
  • Outgoing Mail Server: (POP3) or (IMAP)
  • Next, enter your AT&T email address and password in the required fields.
  • Provide Secure Mail Key and select the checkbox “Remember Password”.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Click on the “Close” button.
  • Click on the “Finish” button.
  • Check the Outbox folder and remove the messages if there and send a new message.
  • You should have an active Internet connection.

If you are still unsure about the problem, contact the professionals at AT&T Customer Support Number.

Although AT&T enjoys special status as a popular worldwide email service for its secure and feature-rich options, many of its users never stop complaining about various issues. One of the hot topics quite evident on various public forums and communities is ‘ATT email not working on iPhone’. To ensure you won’t have such unpleasant experiences, we bring you some of the top tips that would certainly resolve all your AT&T email issues.

Whenever you run into some problems that wouldn’t let you use your AT&T email on your iPhone, come over here for solutions.

How to Fix ‘ATT Email not working on iPhone’ Issues – Explained!

Go through this ultimate guide to get rid of various issues – problems in sending/ receiving emails or trouble accessing your AT&T email account – currently happening with the ATT email on your iPhone.

  1. Check the Internet: Check your Internet and ensure you have a proper connection to access AT&T email services on your iPhone. If there are some issues, first fit it to make a stable connection.
  2. Check Email Client Settings: Incorrect email client setting could be one of the issues why your ‘ATT email not working on iPhone’. Take a close look at the correct email client settings below and ensure you are not making an error.
  • IMAP:
  • Inbound Server:
  • Inbound Port: 933
  • SSL: Yes
  • Outbound Server:
  • Outbound Port: 465 or 587
  • POP3:
  • Inbound Server:
  • Inbound Port: 955
  • SSL: Yes
  • Outbound Server:
  • Outbound Port: 465

3) Check Account, Settings, and Connectivity: Instead of going nuts, you must keep your cool and try to fix the error by checking some details. Make sure you haven’t entered the correct email address of the recipient (to avoid getting messages like “Failed Delivery” and “Problem Found – Message Not Sent”) or your email is within the maximum email size limit.

Try the following general steps to fix the ongoing ‘ATT email not working on iPhone’ problem.

  • Sign out of your AT&T email account on your iPhone and log in again.
  • Check the “Spam” folder if you don’t see some of your messages.
  • Review the settings.

4) Clear the App Data, Cache, and Cookies for the Email App You Are Using Currently: This could be another possible issue that might prevent you from accessing your ATT email on your iPhone. Considering getting rid of the app data, cache, and cookies for the Email App that you are currently using. This should, to a large extent, fix the ‘ATT email not working on iPhone’ issue.

5) Fix Email Programs or Applications (Apply the Changes): From time to time, AT&T updates or upgrades its email security. As a result, you might get emails via an app or email program. In such cases, you need to simply be ready to apply the changes.

6) Switch off and Switch on Your iPhone: Simply restart your iPhone to fix temporary issues. When you can’t access your AT&T email, you may like to restart your device. Now, try to access your AT&T email. Unless it is a grave issue, you should be able to access your emails.

AT&T Email Sign-in Issues and Their Solutions

Several factors can be taken into consideration when you can’t sign in to your AT&T email account. Here are the major issues and their solutions. Take a look –

  • Your Password Doesn’t Work on Your iPhone: Reason? You have recently changed your email password and haven’t updated it on all devices.
  • ID and Password Combination Doesn’t Match: You have made frequent futile log-in attempts. This would simply lock your account when AT&T finds out that the ID and Password combination doesn’t match. So, you need to be careful while entering the login credentials.
  • Inactive Account: Inactive accounts are those that have not been used for a long time and you have received a notice from AT&T Internet Services. You will also receive a notification when your email keeps sending excessive emails (spam). This happens when your email account security is compromised. Contact the officials immediately to reactivate your account. Seek professional help to improve security and guard your account against fraud.
  • ‘Accelerator Not Found’ Message: When your browser cache data is corrupt, you are likely to come across this message. Here’s what you should do –
  • Clear the cookies and cache of your browser
  • Access your AT&T email account then.

Hope these top tips help you resolve the ‘ATT Email not working on iPhone’ issue.

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