How to Backup AOL emails?

backup AOL emails

Taking a backup of your AOL emails is a wise decision as it not only helps in keeping your data secure in case your account gets hacked or the data gets corrupted, but also helps you have access to your data even when you are offline. AOL or America Online saves all your incoming and outgoing AOL emails in the Filing Cabinet. You can take a back of Filing Cabinet on your computer hard drive to keep your emails secure and have an easy access to them anytime. To know how to backup AOL email, follow the guide below:

6 Steps To Backup AOL Emails:

1.) Log into your AOL Mail account and click on the Mail or Email option located in the toolbar. Select Filing Cabinet option.

2.) Now, right-click on the folder which you want to backup and select Save folder as option.

3.) Next, enter a new folder name in the File Name field on the Save Folder page.

4.) Go to the location where you want to keep the backup folder. If you want, you can note or remember the location of the backup location.

5.) Once you are done, click on the Save button. If you wish to take the backup of other folders as well in your AOL Mail account, repeat the above steps in the same manner.

6.) When you are done taking the backup of all required AOL emails, click on the X button located on the top-right corner.

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