How To Block Emails on AOL Account?

block email on aol

Getting unwanted emails or spam messages frequently in your AOL Mail account is one of the most common and irritating issues reported by many users. Not only such unwanted emails clutter your inbox but also increase the risk of hacking.

One of the best ways to avoid such emails from cluttering your inbox and minimizing the risk of hacking is to block email address of the senders from whom you receive such unwanted or spam emails in your AOL Mail account. To know how to block emails on AOL, follow the steps provided below.

8 Steps To Block Emails on AOL:

1.) Sign into your AOL Mail account and type the keyword “Mail Control” in the Search Bar located at the top of the application’s screen.  Once you have typed, press Enter key on your keyboard.

2.) Now, select the circle new to option Block mail from addresses | specify. Enter the email address of the sender whom you wish to block in your AOL account.

3.) If you wish to block multiple email address, separate each email address by entering a comma in the provided field.

4.) When done adding email addresses which you want to block, click on the Save button. From there onwards, emails from the blocked email addresses will not be allowed to enter into the inbox folder of your AOL Mail account.

block email in aol

5.) Alternatively, if you are looking to block emails in AOL Desktop 10.1 version, start by logging into your AOL account.

6.) Next, click on the Mail icon and go to Settings and then Spam Controls. Select Edit Spam Controls to launch AOL Desktop 10.1’s mail controls option.

7.) Now, click on the circle next to Block mail from addresses | specify and enter the email address of the sender whom you wish to block in the provided field. To add multiple email addresses, separate each email address with a comma.

8.) Once done adding email addresses to block, click on the Save button. Click OK when you see a message – Your changes have been saved. Again click Save to complete the process.

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