Can’t Send Mails From Yandex Mail

cannot send mails from Yandex email

If you are facing problem sending emails from your Yandex Mail account, the problem may be resulting because of the following reasons:

  • The registration of domain has expired.
  • Invalid delegation settings.
  • Access to the domain has been blocked by the registrar.
  • The domain has been delegated or has not been delegated from the registrar.
  • Either DNS records for functioning with Yandex.Mail is configured inappropriately or is not configured at all.

In order to fix the problem with sending email in Yandex Mail, you will need to contact the domain administrator who has delegated the mailbox to you. In case you registered the mailbox on a particular website, you will need to contact support for that site. In such case, the support service of Yande.mail will not be able to assist with the problem.

Some of the issues that can occur with sending emails are mentioned herein along with suggestions:

3 Steps To Fix Yandex Mail Outgoing Mail Issue

1.) Email is Getting Delivered to Spam Folder of Recipient

In order to prevent your emails from getting marked as spam, you will need to configure the SPF record and the DKIM signature for the domain. If the SPF and DKIM settings are configured correctly, you will need to contact the support service team for the email service where your emails are being considered as spam.

2.) Receiving a Non-Delivery Message

In case the mail server is responding with a non-delivery report when an email couldn’t be delivered to the recipient, following are some of the types of non-delivery reports along with their solution:

  • Callout Verification failed

Callout verification failed error occurs generally when mail service is activated for the domain on the server of hosting provider or registrar. When the email is sent to a recipient using the mail service from same company, the emails are sent to the local server.  In such case, deactivating the mail service from the server of your hosting provider fixes the problem.

  • 550 Failed to Meet SPF Requirements

The mail server of the recipient verifies the SPF record on the domain of sender when receiving any email. The problem could be arising either due to misconfigured SPF record or due to the configuration of an extra SPF record. To resolve the problem, it is best to verify the configuration of SPF record for your domain.

  • TCPT-To no Mailbox

Sometimes recipient server uses the sender verification for controlling spam emails. When the server receives a message from a new server, it sends an empty email to the return address to check the existence of sender. As such types of empty emails are sent with high frequency, it could be assumed as a denial of service (DoS) attack. Moreover, different errors could also occur when sending a test email.

Also, as Yandex.Mail uses SPF records for managing hosts that are allowed to emails on behalf of Yandex, this makes it tough to copy the “from” address, It is best to use SPF or DomainKeys technology for efficient anti-spam tools.

You can fix this problem by requesting the mail server administrator of the recipient to include your domain mailbox addresses to their whitelist.

3.) Email is not Getting Delivered Even After Domain Settings are Configured Correctly

If you are sure that you have installed the correct domain settings in your Yandex Mail, you can get assistance for your problem by visiting the Help section of Yandex Mail through this link

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