How to Change AOL Email Password?

change aol password

If you have a doubt on the security of your AOL Mail account, or if you think someone else has access to your account, changing the password for your AOL Mail accounts is the best way to secure your account.

Creating a strong password will not only help in securing your account but also eliminate hacker (who has access to your account) from accessing your account. To know, how to change AOL password for your account

5 Steps To Change AOL Password:

1.) Open the AOL website and sign in to your account. Go to your account information section.

aol mail forgot password

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password or if you are unable to sign into your account, click on Forgot password link on the sign-in page.

2.) Next, you will need to answer your Account Security Question in order to verify yourself as the rightful owner of the account. In case you don’t remember the answer to the Account Security Question, click on the Forgot Answer option on the Security Question page to reset it.

Make sure to create an answer to the given Account Security Question hard to guess. Try to make a combination of letters and numbers in the answer (just like a password) so that hackers are not able to guess the right answer.

3.) Then, click Change Password in the Account Security section located on the top-right corner.

change aol password

4.) After that, enter your Old Password and then enter your desired New Password. Make sure to make a combination of number, letters and special characters (if allowed). The password must be at least eight characters long.

5.) Click on the Save button to complete the process. So, this is how you can easily change AOL password for your account.

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