Change Email Templates in Yandex.Mail

Creating new documents every time for different opportunities in your company can cause a lot of valuable time and money. Instead of creating new documents every time, it is best to make some templates which can be used to revert to a variety of projects in your organization. Yandex.Mail is one such email service that allows the user to create multiple templates and send them whenever and wherever required. If you are also using Yandex.Mail account and want to make use of templates for different purposes, be it personal or professional, you can easily do so by following the steps provided below.

Steps to Change Email Templates in Yandex.Mail Account:

1.) When sending an automatic reply from Yandex.Mail, you need to make sure that Autoreply button has been enabled and set up to send the desired message.

2.) To send templates, open the email to which you wish to reply. Here, you need to know that you can reply to only one email at a time when using Autoreply option.

3.) Now, after opening an email, click on the Autoreply button in the toolbar menu of the message.

4.) If you don’t see Autoreply option, you will need to click More option in the toolbar and select Autoreply option from the menu that appears.

5.) This way you will be able to send an Autoreply template to the sender of the email.

If you don’t know how to set up an Autoreply button in your Yandex,.Mail account, follow the steps provided below.

1.) Open Yandex.Mail inbox on your computer and move your mouse cursor over the mail toolbar located at the top in your Yandex.Mail account.

2.) In the toolbar, you will find options such as Compose, Check mail and Forward. Click on the Gear icon located inside the toolbar.

3.) Click on the Autoreply option if it is not highlighted. However, if the Autoreplyoption is already highlighted, point your mouse cursor over Autoreply and click on the Gear icon which visible inside the Autoreply button.

4.) Now, select the desired email template to reply quickly to an email under Select template option.

5.) Click on the Save and then on the Save changes button.

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