Troubleshooting Steps to Fix When Comcast Email Not Receiving Mails

Comcast Email Not Receiving Mails

“I am unable to send messages to people with Comcast accounts or receive them as well. There are a few other select non-Comcast people that it happens to as well. I have gone through settings and put them on the “safe” list but still unable to send or receive them! HELP!” – wrote one user on Microsoft forum. Another user wrote on Google support – “I have clients with Comcast email addresses. When I send them an email they don’t get it.  I do not receive any message that the email failed to send.”

If you use Comcast service and own a Comcast mail account, chances are that you avail of plenty of advantages including sending and receiving emails without any additional charges. One of the trusted names in the United States and the largest home internet service provider, Comcast takes pride in its excellent email service. Despite offering a myriad of services, Comcast email users often face issues in receiving emails. As per experts, there are several reasons that present users from getting emails from the senders. These issues or errors need to be identified first and then be addressed to ensure a smooth experience.

Comcast email not receiving mails”? Here are the most common reasons that could have stopped incoming messages to your Comcast inbox.

  • Email filters
  • Unwanted browser caches and cookies
  • Incorrect recipient email address
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Blocked file extension on Comcast

Fix the Above Issues When Comcast Email Not Receiving Mails

Wish to get rid of all the issues preventing emails from reaching out to your inbox? Here are the top fixes –

  • Check Your Internet Connectivity: The first thing that every Comcast email user should be doing to ensure they receive emails in their inbox is to check proper internet connectivity. You can only receive an email if your internet is working fine. Make sure the cellular data is enabled.
  • Unwanted Browser Caches and Cookies: Do you regularly update your web browser? Do you clean the cookies and caches from time to time? If yes, errors arising from cookies and caches would be less. Make it a habit to clear the cache files at regular intervals.
  • Blocked File Extension on Comcast: You must know that Comcast blocks certain file extensions often associated with harmful software or spam. If you don’t receive emails sent by the sender, be sure that the email has attachment files or documents that are not allowed by Comcast. Email attachment types that are not allowed –










  • Incorrect Recipient Email Address: Ask the sender if he or she has entered the connect email address next time when you don’t receive the email. Even a minor typo error would land your email in someone else’s account (only if that is a correct one).
  • Check Spam Folder: Your email can sometimes land in the spam folder if you have marked the sender’s address as spam, unknowingly. Check your spam folder to ensure if the email is there.
  • Blocked Sender’s ID: Another reason that deprives you of receiving emails from the sender because you have blocked the sender’s ID. Ask the sender if he or she has sent the message but you haven’t it, you have got to check the blocked list.

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