Check Out The Comparison Of Tutanota Vs Protonmail

Considering the availability of a plethora of email services in the present time, it has become quite a task to decide as to which email service to go for. As different email services come with different advantages and disadvantages, the decision to choose an email service becomes even more perplexing. Currently, such confusion among people seems to be between Tutanota and Protonmail.

Tutanota and Protonmail, both share a lot of commonalities between them which makes the potential users take a time before making a choice. While some users may choose one of the email services without giving a lot of thought, other users prefer to first analyze the merits and demerits of the respective email services and then come to a decision. If you are finding difficult as to which email service to go for, you can check out the following comparison of Tutanota and Protonmail and plan accordingly for your email requirement.

Comparison Guide Between Tutanota and Protonmail

Although Tutanota and Protonmail appear to be quite similar, offering the same ease of use features and security, both are capable of encrypting email messages in a web browser and much more, however, there are some indifferences that set them apart. These include:

1.) Protonmail requires two passwords, one for signing in and second for encryption of the message. On the other hand, Tutanota requires only a single password for login and for message encryption.

2.) In case of Protonmail, the password for the message encryption is not sent to the server and remains only in the web browser of the device you use to access it; and Instead of the message encryption password, the login password is sent to the servers (a copy of which is there) in order to authenticate the login. In the case of Tutanota, the single password for sign in and message encryption is stored on their servers. Although the password is sent and kept encrypted, a copy of your password is there with Tutanota.

3.) You will not be asked for personal information such as alternate email address, phone number, payment account details etc. when signing up for Tutanota. However, if you are trying to sign up for Protonmail service, you will need to share your personal information such as phone number.

  4.) Tutanota can be said a bit more secure as there is no way one can reset the password for the Tutanota account. This makes it almost impossible for cyber criminals to get access to your mailbox by intercepting your SMS or email.

5.) Although it’s completely a personal choice, most of the users admit that Protonmail has a better user interface than Tutanota. However, when it comes to agility and performance, Tutanota is known for offering an amazingly fast and light user interface for both web and app.

6.) If you wish to consider the pricing of both email services, you should know that you will need to pay more for a Protonmail account than for a Tutanota account.

So, now as you know some of the differences between Protonmail and Tutanota, it should be easier for you to go for a particular email service.

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