How to Connect Yahoo! Mail With Gmail?

connect yahoo mail with Gmail

Maintaining two email accounts is a time taking and irritating process. Now users like to sync two or more email accounts to get a faster and better service. You can connect your Yahoo Mail with Gmail enjoy seamless service.

You need to configure Yahoo email in the email account of Google to send and receive email using your Yahoo email address in Gmail. Yahoo will download all the messages to your Gmail account.

Steps To Connect Yahoo Mail with Gmail:

  1. Now open your Gmail account
  2. Go to the gear icon and select Settings from the menu
  3. Now select the Accounts and Import tab
  4. Now tap on the Add a POP3 email account you own located under the Check email
  5. You have to insert your full Yahoo address in the field
  6. Now click Next Step
  7. Type your full Yahoo email address under the Username tab
  8. Insert your Yahoo password in the box for password
  9. Select the under POP Server. You need to use or for the AT&T email. In case your desired server does not appear in the menu, then select Other and type the server name under POP Server
  10. Select 995 under Port
  11. Remember to check the box beside Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server. If you don’t check the box, Gmail will delete emails which it has retrieved from your Yahoo mail account.
  12. Check Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail box
  13. Optionally you can check Label incoming messages: and can choose a label to downloaded Yahoo email to recognize and organized within Gmail inbox.
  14. You can check Archive incoming messages to archive copies of the new Yahoo mails without interfering the Gmail address
  15. Now click Add Account
  16. Now check that Yes, I want to be able to send mail as ___. is selected under the caption Would you also like to be able to send mail as ___?.
  17. Now click Next Step.
  18. You have to enter the name you want to appear in the Form: line in the time of sending mail using the Yahoo account.
  19. Make sure that Treat as an alias is checked
  20. Now click Next Step
  21. Select Send through SMTP
  22. Under SMTP server enter
  23. Select 465 under Port
  24. Now enter your Yahoo username and password
  25. Select secured connection using SSL
  26. Click again Add Account
  27. You should select Send Verification
  28. Now click on the verification email from the Gmail team with the subject line Gmail Confirmation – send Mail as __ to the Yahoo address
  29. Now copy the confirmation code and paste under. Enter and verify the confirmation code in the Gmail Add another email address you own window
  30. Now click on Verify
  31. Now your Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts are connected.

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