CounterMail vs.ProtonMail – Guide to Pick a Secure Email Service

countermail vs protonmail

Ever wondered how can you keep your important and confidential data safe and secure? If no, it’s time. All you need to do is to think of signing up for a secure email service. A protected email provider can save your data and will keep you safe from online threats. Luckily, you have some of the best secure email service providers available in the market. Some of the big names that float around are CounterMail and ProtonMail. In this CounterMail vs. ProtonMailblog, let’s have a comparison and see which email provider suits the best.

We will do the comparison by taking into consideration some of the factors such as the level of protection, effectiveness, usability, etc.

CounterMail vs. ProtonMail – the Big Battle

One of the main reasons why people keep an eye on a secure email service is to keep their online correspondence confidential. Apart from keeping your messages protected, these email services ensure your anonymity is intact. And to ensure your information is purely confidential, these two services do their best. But, is that enough? You must understand the difference before settling down for one.

  1. CounterMail – The Secure Email Provider

Having a CounterMail account lets you access your emails from anytime, anywhere in the world. CounterMail leaves no stone unturned to “provide maximum security and privacy without any unnecessary complexity”. Your account will be anonymous and encrypted.

Easy-to-use is one of its main characteristics. Anyone with basic computer and email knowledge can use CounterMail. Just like any other email service, such as Gmail or Hotmail, will be comfortable using the secure mail of CounterMail.

Unique Features of CounterMail–

Some of its unique features are as follows –

  • MTM (Man-in-The-Middle) Protection: CounterMail offers MTM protection. Its OpenPGP-encryption makes sure all your contents online are protected.
  • Diskless Web Servers:Not many email providers have diskless web servers. CounterMail has these servers to provide an extra layer of security.

Other Features of CounterMail –

Some of the other features are as follows –

  • True end-to-end security
  • Secure forms (info)
  • Portable and secure email from any browser
  • Anonymous email headers
  • Windows, MacOS X, and Linux support
  • Android phone compatibility (info)
  • IMAP server, if you want to use your email client
  • Dynamic aliases (info)
  • Use your domain name

Pros and Cons of CounterMail –



USB encrypted key

Paid service has limited storage space and offers only a week-long free trial

Mobile app versions

Allows you to send encrypted messages to users who use OpenPGP encryption

No hard drive servers


MTM protection


Supports IMAP and SMTP


Offers safebox


Doesn’t store IP data on its servers



2. ProtonMail – Secure Email Based in Switzerland

A widely used secure email service, ProtonMail is also a respected email provider. Forbes called the service “NSA-proof”. Its end-to-end encryption ensures that no third-party company or service can intercept or read your content.

ProtonMail’s Top Features –

Some of the unique features that users of ProtonMail would enjoy –

  • Set a time for the storage of messages. Emails get deleted once the set-time is over.
  • Messages exchanged between users of ProtonMail are automatically encrypted.
  • Outside ProtonMail, users will be able to receive and send encrypted messages.

Pros and Cons of ProtonMail –



Self-destruction of messages after a set-time

No option of integration with other mailboxes

Two-factor authentication using one-time codes

Incomplete account restoration

Sends encrypted messages to people using regular email services


Built-in encryption works automatically


Users don’t need manual settings adjustment


Sends messages with end-to-end encryption based on OpenPGP, RSA, and AES technology


Email service is protected by Swiss law.



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