How To Sign Up For Zoho Mail Account

create new zoho email account

With ZOHO Mail, a user can create a unique email address as per his or profession. If you are also looking to have a unique email address that matches your professional, then Zoho Mail is the platform to be on. To know how you can create a professional email account using Zoho Email, refer to the information provided below.

10 Steps To Create Zoho Mail Account

1.) Go to the Zoho Mail Sign-up page via link

2.) On this page, click on the SIGN UP NOW button. Clicking on the sign-up option will take you to the Pricing & Sign Up page. On this page, you will get complete detail of the pricing plans.

3.) Select the appropriate pricing plan as per your organization’s preference and then click on the Sign Up button.

4.) You will be given two options to configure your email with Zoho. You can either “Sign up with a Domain you already own” or you can “Buy a new Domain for your Business”.

5.) If you select the second option “Buy a new Domain for your Business”, enter the domain you wish to purchase. If the domain is available, click on the Buy Domain button.

6.) After that, you will need to fill the required details in the prompted field and click on the “Sign Up” button.

7.) Next, enter the verification code which will be sent by Zoho to your mobile number. This step is important in order to verify your identity.

8.) Then, when you will be directed to the Plan details section on the payment page, simply enter the number of your IDs that you want to buy. After that, click on the Continue button.

9.) After that, you will need to confirm your purchase after reviewing the information entered by you on the Review Order page. Once you are done reviewing the information, click on the Confirm button.

10.) Enter your Payment details and click on the Make Payment button to complete your purchase. Once the transaction gets completed successfully, your professional email account with Zoho Mail will get created.

So, this is how you can easily sign up for a professional email account with Zoho Mail.

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