Protect Your Account Using Yahoo Spam Filter Option

Spam emails are considered to be the most annoying nuisance by Yahoo Mail users. Not only such emails clutter your inbox but also make your account vulnerable to hacking and other cyber crimes. If you are getting a lot of Spam emails in your Yahoo Mail account, you can try fixing the problem by creating Yahoo Spam Filter to block such unwanted emails from entering into your account. To know how to create a Yahoo Spam Filter, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Steps to Create a Yahoo Spam Filter With 7 Steps

1.) Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and move your mouse cursor over the Gear icon located on the top-right corner.

2.) From the drop-down menu that appears on your screen, click on the Settingsoption.

3.) Under Settings window, click on the Filters option located on the left-hand side panel.

4.) Under Filters section, click on the Add button. You will be directed to another window.

5.) In this window, enter a Filter Name (for example Spam Filter) and provide the required information for criteria mentioned under “If an incoming message meets all of these conditions”.

NOTE: on the basis of the criteria you select, the incoming emails will get filtered.

6.) Next, select the folder where you wish to move the filtered emails in the section where it says “Then move the message to this folder”. You can select Trash folder to automatically send spam emails to Trash or you can create a new folder by selecting [New Folder] option from the drop-down list.

7.) Once you are done with setting up your Spam filter, click on the Save button to save the filter. Your Spam filter will be created for your Yahoo Mail account.

NOTE: This newly created Spam filter will only impact the future incoming emails and not the existing ones that are already in your Yahoo Mail account.

So, this is how you can quickly create a Yahoo Spam Filter to keep your Yahoo Mail spam free and organized.


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