Delete ATT Email Account – Important Information about Deleting Your Email Address

“I have a sbcglobal email account that I no longer use.  All it receives now is spam, but I have to monitor it just in case something important regarding my previous business communication comes through.  How can I delete this email account, so it will no longer receive messages? I would like for senders to receive an “undeliverable” message if they try to use it?” – asked a user on the public forum of AT&T. And it is pretty evident that many of you, at some point or the other, want to delete your ATT email account. In this guide, we bring you everything you want to know to delete your ATT email account in a hassle-free way.

How Can You Delete ATT Email Account and What Information You Should Know before Deleting ATT Email Account?

If you have an email address that is no longer in use, simply get rid of it by deleting it. But if it is your AT&T email account, you have got to gather some crucial information. Here’s a sneak peek –

  • Your AT&T email account should be a free account and should never have been associated with a paid AT&T service.
  • Or, “if it is not connected to a paid AT&T service or it has been 30 – 60 days since service cancellation or disconnect”.
  • Important information is deleting a Member ID will also delete and subscriptions created with that account.

Let’s learn how to delete an AT&T email account.

Unless it is bothering you literally, why would you delete your AT&T email address?

When you cancel the subscription of your AT&T service, the email address associated with that account stays (until you manually remove it.)  You may continue to use that email address (Member ID) if you want. On the other hand, if you have made up your mind and wish to get rid of it, do it manually. You can delete email accounts (that got never associated with a paid AT&T service) at any time.

  • Have a free AT&T email account? You can delete it whenever you want.
  • If your email account is associated with an active AT&T service, you can’t delete it.
  • You will be able to delete your AT&T email account if it has been 30-60 days since a paid service has been disconnected.
  • When you delete such an email account, it will also delete all subaccounts associated or created with that account.

Here’s the manual process to delete ATT email account.

  • Sign in to your account and go to “Profile”.
  • You need to select “Contact info”.
  • Navigate to the “Email” tab.
  • Select “Manage” under “Free AT&T email account”.

Note: Didn’t see that option? You can’t delete your email account.

  • Select “Delete Account” (next to “Member ID”).
  • You can select the “OK” button and then confirm the “Status” option to be “Disabled”.
  • If it does, your AT&T email account has been deleted.

The steps furnished above are easy to follow and effective. Make sure you are not skipping any step. Missing out on any important information might put you in trouble.

Need Technical Assistance? Contact AT&T

It’s been 61 days (since you have disconnected or canceled the service) and you don’t see the delete option on your account, don’t panic! You can contact the officials for help. The tech guys are always happy to help.

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