How to Delete a Folder in Yahoo! Mail?

delete folder in yahoo

Let’s say when you have created a folder in your Yahoo Mail account and stored some emails in it; but as time passed, you don’t want to use that folder anymore and want to delete it. So you want to delete but don’t know how to delete a folder in Yahoo Mail.

3 Steps to Delete Folder in Yahoo Mail Account?

We have this guide for all Yahoo! Mail users to let them learn and delete the unused Folder from their account. The process is easy; you just need to follow the guide as given here.

 Step 1Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account and take back up

The first step in the process of deletion of a Folder in your Yahoo account requires you to sign in to your Yahoo email account.

Once you are signed in, and then move to take a backup of that particular folder as you can’t get the same content after deleting the folder. There is no way to restore the deleted folder in Yahoo Mail.

 Step 2 – Empty the Folder you wish to Delete

Yahoo allows only deleting the empty folder; you should make sure that you have taken backup of that folder and deleted all the emails in it before deleting. Yahoo makes sure that you won’t lose any important information, so you can only delete the folder once you empty it.

Else you will get an error as; Only empty folders can be deleted. Please delete all emails in this folder first, so respect it and act accordingly.

 Step 3 – Choose an option to Delete the Folder

Once you are done with the backup and emptying the folder, then you can move to deletion of the folder by moving cursor to drop down (right side of folder) and hit delete as mentioned in below image.

delete folder in Yahoo mail

You will get this prompt saying Are you sure you want to permanently delete the empty folder? This will remove the folder from your inbox once you click on OK button.

This is the complete guide to delete a folder from your Yahoo Mail account. This is easy, yet you need to follow the steps carefully. And, always make sure to take backup of your emails of that particular Folder.

The empty folder you delete from your Yahoo Mail account will not be available in Trash folder; so you need to be careful while deleting.

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