How to Delete a Hotmail Account: Can You Delete It Permanently?

close Hotmail account

Your Hotmail account is no longer active and you have shifted to a different email account to complete all the tasks. In this case, you are looking for some help to delete your account. Or, your Hotmail account is perhaps receiving an overload of spam. Or, it might have an unprofessional username, which is why you wish to get rid of this account.

The good news is you can delete your Hotmail account by following a few simple steps. Read through this blog to know ‘how to delete a Hotmail account’ permanently.

Some Facts about Deleting Your Hotmail Account

When you decide to delete your Microsoft account (because it’s a duplicate account or you no longer need it), the Company would ensure two things –

  1. It should be the account holder (you) who wants to close the account.
  2. There shouldn’t be anything that you need later.

Microsoft will ask you to confirm whether you are sure about deleting your account. To ensure you are not deleting your account accidentally, Microsoft will require your identity and intent. In this case, if you happen to have forgotten your account information and need to reset your security details, Microsoft will make you wait for 60 days before closing your account.

Before You Close Your Microsoft Account

You should be informed that once your Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook, etc.) is closed, you can’t use any Microsoft products. You can’t sign in and enjoy Microsoft services. Also, the deletion of your Microsoft account deletes –

  • Account balance, unused Reward points, and Microsoft Certification, including passed exams and associated transcripts.
  • Saved OneDrive files
  • Skype ID and contacts
  •, Hotmail, Live, and MSN email accounts
  • Xbox Live data and GamerTag
  • account

You may ask – “Can I delete only my Hotmail account and keep the others?” No, that’s not going to happen. Hence, you are advised to cancel subscriptions and don’t leave important stuff behind – emails, money from gift cards, or files.You may also want to learn more about –

  • Manage your kid’s Microsoft accounts
  • Save your files and data
  • Transfer ownership of your packages if you use
  • Use the money in your account
  • Let people know how to reach you
  • Cancel any subscriptions associated with your account

Steps to Delete a Hotmail Account ( or Windows Live)

Deleting an account can never get easier than this. Check the steps out here –

  • Go to sign in to your Hotmail account. (This will redirect you to the interface. Note that Hotmail is now
  • Look for the tab “Security” and click on it.
  • It will then prompt you to select “More Security Options”.
  • Scroll down and click the link “Close my account”.
  • You will have this page on the screen “Make sure [email protected] is ready to close”. You will go through the details mentioned on this page and click “Next” to proceed and close the account.

That’s how you delete an account.

Now that you have closed your account, you will not be able to get back to your emails. After the 60-day waiting period, everything will be deleted. But, your Hotmail inbox will continue to receive emails from senders. If you want, set up an automatic reply that will inform people (the email senders) that your account is getting closed. Let everyone know where they should send emails to you.

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