How to Delete Zoho Mail Account

delete zoho mail account

Maybe you have multiple Zoho Mail account, or maybe you want to create a new Zoho Mail account and thus wants to delete your existing Zoho account, whatever be the reason, you can anytime delete your Zoho Mail account by following the below mentioned instructions. 

However, below you start with the deletion process, it is important to take a backup of all your important contacts and emails from your Zoho Mail account. Also, make sure that you don’t have any third party website associated with this email anymore.

These steps are important because once you would have deleted your account; you will no longer be able to retrieve any information from your Zoho Mail account. So, if you have already taken backup of everything and are all set to remove your Zoho Mail account, just follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

6 Steps to Delete Zoho Mail Account:

1.) Sign in to your Zoho Mail account and go to the My Account section. If you are unable to locate My Account option in your Zoho Mail account, click on the Show the top bar button located at the top of your computer screen.

2.) Now, under the My Account window, select the Close Account option.

3.) When you will click on the Close Account option, you will be prompted to provide your password. Enter the password for your Zoho Mail account in the provided field (under Current password).

4.) Next, you will be asked to provide a reason for closing your Zoho Mail account, you can select the appropriate option for the given reasons and also you can enter additional comments in the Comments section. However, if you don’t wish to select any reason or enter any comment, you may skip the option (if provided).

5.) After that, simply click on the Close Account option. As you will click on the Close Account option, you will be prompted with a messaging displaying – Are you sure to delete your account?

6.) Simply click on the OK button and wait until your Zoho account gets deleted.

So, this is how you can easily and quickly delete your Zoho Mail account.

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