How Do You Know If Your Email Has Been Hacked – 5 Signs

How Do You Know If Your Email Has Been Hacked

From business communications to personal identity, your email address is the digital equivalent of your home address. It has evolved over the years and plays more roles than just an inbox. Hence, keeping your email address safe is as important as protecting your home from intruders.

At times, however, your email address succumbs to hackers without your knowledge.

So how do you know if your email has been hacked?

Here, we bring you 5 important signs that will help you know whether someone is tampering with your inbox.

Signs That Show Your Email Has Been Hacked

  • Reports from Contacts: If you are getting messages or calls from people in your contact list that they are receiving strange emails from you, be assured that someone else is using your account.
  • Unexpected Password Reset Emails: Did you recently come across a password reset message in your inbox that you don’t remember requesting? Maybe, you received a couple of calls or emails from shops and banks asking for sensitive information like a password or pin.
  • Check ‘Sent Folder’ for Suspicious Emails: You must check your ‘sent folder’ from time to time and make sure that no one is using your account. At the same time, it is possible the intruders try to delete the sent items to cover their tracks. You will only be able to find out upon receiving complaints from people or your contacts.
  • Password Changed – Most Obvious: When you are no longer sign-in using your regular password. A changed password is the most obvious sign and you should immediately initiate the password recovery process.
  • Receive Message for Unusual Login – Location, Device, Browser, or IP Address: The moment you receive any such message and you don’t recognize the location, device, browser, or IP address, take measures to prevent the hackers from using your account.

How to Secure a Hacked Account?

Okay, your account has been hacked. Don’t panic! Be patient and follow the below-mentioned steps to secure your compromised account.

3 Steps to Secure Your Compromised Account

1) Sign in to Your Account: If you can’t sign in, you need to go to the account recovery page to answer the mandatory questions.

2) Account Review: If you manage to sign in, start reviewing it and help secure your account. Review your account for any suspicious activity. To review, you must –

  • Go to your Email Account.
  • Look for the ‘Security’ option.
  • Select ‘Review security events’.
  • Click “No, it wasn’t me” if you find any suspicious activity.
  • Click ‘Yes’ if it was you.

Now you need to review the devices by visiting your account.

  • Select ‘Security’ and go to the ‘Your devices’ panel.
  • Now click ‘Manage devices’ to ensure any devices you have used recently.
  • If you don’t recognize, click “Don’t recognize a device”. You must follow the instructions shown on the screen.

3) More Security Steps to Follow: The below-mentioned steps will ensure your account is safe from the attacks.

  • Turn on Two-Step Verification: The first thing you should consider doing to help prevent your account from any such attacks is to turn on 2-step verification. This will help you sign in using two important steps – password as well as a printed code or a security key. In case, your password is hacked, your account is still secure.
  • Remove Harmful Software: Whenever you develop doubts over your account activity, it is time to scan your device and remove software that you don’t need or you find them harmful. Choose reliable anti-virus software. Reinstall the operating system, too.
  • Choose a More Secure Browser: Some browsers are too weak to resist hackers from doing unethical activities. You must resort to a more secure browser like Google Chrome.
  • Trust Password Alert to Prevent Password Theft: For instance, if you are a Gmail user and you try to access your account on a non-Google site. And for that you use your password, Password Alert on Google Chrome will notify you immediately. You will then know the threat and refrain from using your account.
  • Safeguard All Your Devices and Apps: Have you turned it on already? You are immediately encouraged to turn “access for less secure apps” off as turning it on may make your account less secure. You may like to go for your device’s screen lock option.

These precise steps will surely help prevent your account from hackers. If you still need professional help, choose the customer support.

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