Contacts Aren’t Synced on Setup? Fastmail Contact Sync Tips

Do you believe in this – “when email is on your side, you spend less time on email and more time doing what you love”? If NO, you are probably not using Fastmail yet. Just sign up today for a Fastmail email account and enjoy a plethora of benefits including control over your personal data online. When we say personal data, it would include your contacts, too. Learn the Fastmail contact sync tips and start accessing your contacts across your devices and Fastmail, of course.

Fastmail Contact Sync – Complete Process

If you are trying to add your Fastmail email account to your computer or phone using CardDAV for contact syncing, you wouldn’t get the desired results. Your contacts on the device won’t be synced and this doesn’t copy any contacts (rather, synced to iCloud). So, what’s the solution? You must export all the contacts from your current provider and then import them into your Fastmail account. CardDAV will update the contacts on Fastmail as well as on your device.

If you wish to move your device contacts to Fastmail, export your contacts from your device. After that, you need to import the contacts file into Fastmail. To make it easier, use Fastmail’s Import & Setup tool. While doing so, you may come across many duplicates (so, check for duplicate contacts manually). At the end of the process, you will end up with two copies of your contacts – the original copy on the device and another from the CardDAV sync from Fastmail. Remove the original copy safely and use the synced contacts.

If you are on a Professional or Standard plan, you can set up your Fastmail email account to sync with all mobile apps and desktop email clients.

How to Import or Export Contact?

Importing and exporting is easy and a one-time operation. Let’s take a quick look at the importing contacts process below –

  • Open the screen “SettingsImport & Setup”.
  • Under “Import”, choose the service you want to migrate from, and then click on the icon.
  • If prompted, on the next screen, log in to your external account.
  • Select “Contacts” when asked what you want to import. This will start importing your contacts from your other service.
  • Click on the button “Do It” to complete the process.

Note: When migrating your contacts from Yahoo or Gmail, stick to Fastmail’s specific instructions.

Another method to import contacts into Fastmail –

  • Open the screen “SettingsImport & Setup”.
  • Click on the button “Upload Address Book File”.
  • Select the file that you want to import – “CSV”, “LDIF”, or “vCard” and click the button “Select”.

About Fastmail

Like any other reputable email service provider, Fastmail, too, facilitates your mailing experience by storing your bank statements, payment receipts, doctor’s appointments, embargoed business discussions, and personal conversations in your inbox. Fastmail is an employee-owned email provider (independent) offering the best service in the market. Some of the features that you would enjoy by using Fastmail include –

  • Easy setup and migration
  • Sync with your favorite web clients or apps (make it work the way you want)
  • 360 productivity with contacts and calendars included
  • Choice around your identity with aliases and the ability to use your own domain
  • Reliable speed
  • Solid deliverability
  • A powerful search to produce better results in less time
  • Works across all devices with instant notifications to keep you connected

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