Keep Your Account More Secure with Fastmail Two-Factor Authentication

If you have an online account that has some confidential and private data and are worried about its safety, just relax! All your data and info are just safe with Fastmail two-factor authentication. Fastmail 2 FA can either be done through an app on your phone or a code sent by SMS.

 Understanding the importance of keeping your online presence safe, Fastmail thrives hard to make the lives of the attackers harder. Fastmail two-step verification makes it very difficult for cybercriminals to breach your account. Two-factor authentication augments the security of your account through only two steps – your password and an additional security step. These would intimate you immediately when someone tries to get into your account.

Why Should You Use Fastmal Two-Step Verification?

You may wonder – “Do I actually need two-step verification protection”? Yes, you do! Keeping the growing account security breach in mind, Fastmail has made sure its email account users are safe. Although a solid, strong password is enough to protect you from any unprecedented mishap, the more it is used, the more exposed it becomes. Through various ways (spyware, malware, or phishing), the malicious attackers would try to steal your data.

Since you can’t stop yourself from using your Fastmail email account, why not ward off the hackers. This is where two-step authentication comes into the picture. When someone would want to sneak into your account, you receive a notification on your phone. You can simply deny their entry by tapping “No”, thus protecting your account.

How to Set up Fastmal Two-Factor Authentication?

Refer to the following steps to set up two-step verification and add an extra layer of security to your online account.

  • Go to the screen “Settings – Password & Security”.
  • Go to the section “Two-Step Verification” and click on the option “Add”. (If you already have a recovery phone added to your account. If not and you are enabling 2FA for the first time, add a recovery phone to your account.)
  • Now, click “Set Up Two-Step verification”.
  • If you have installed the authenticator app on your device – tablet or phone, select “add a new account”.
  • Type in the key into the authenticator app or simply use your phone’s camera to “scan the QR code”. (Select “Set a custom key” if you are setting up an OTP device.)
  • You need to “Enter the 6-digit code” and “Name this device”. This will help you to track the device. If needed, you can remove the verification device in the future.

Log in with Two-Step Verification

Now that you have set up Fastmail two-step verification on your account, learn how to log in.

  • Press the “Log In” button afterward.
  • You will need to enter the verification code from your OTP device or authenticator app, or plug in the security key.
  • If you are accessing your account on a particular (trusted) device, you wouldn’t need to use 2FA again while logging in on that system.

Why Is It Important to Add Account Recovery?

Adding a recovery phone to your Fastmail account will ensure you are never locked out of your account. In case, you lose access to your account through two-step verification, your additional recovery phone would come to your rescue. On that mobile number, you will receive a unique code. This will allow you to get back into your account.

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