How to Find Storage Info in Yandex Mail

Yandex is a spam-free and virus free mail service offering unlimited mail storage, access from the web interface, smartphones, tablets, email clients etc. Features such as reminders, message templates, keyboard shortcuts, e-cards etc. in Yandex.Mail helps manage emails efficiently. One can easily find related emails by contact and thread in Yandex and can also access it easily using POP as well as IMAP accounts.

Yandex.Mail is known for providing free email service with unlimited online storage which starts from basic 10GB and increases 1GB as required. Earlier where Yandex used to offer mere 20MB of storage space, now users can store more than 3 million regular emails with 10GB storage space.

In addition to this, Yandex.Mail is also known to offer size limit of 20MB on both incoming and outgoing emails. With Yandex.Mail, users can easily send a couple of mp3 files or high-resolution pictures in a single mail. With Yandex, one will never run out of space, even if you begin with your email archive loaded already, Yandex Mail not only collects new emails from your current POP and IMAP account but can also import your old email without any hassle.

When a user is getting such great features, especially unlimited storage space with Yandex.Mail, with spam free and virus free experience, one would surely prefer to go with this great email service.

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