How to Recover Hotmail Forgot Password?

forgot hotmail password

“I have forgotten the password for my Hotmail account, yet I have tried to recall it correctly but failed. Though, I remember the correct user ID but I am not sure about the password; is there any way to get it recover?”

This is the extract of a user’s post on a common customer support forum for Hotmail. The common issue with Hotmail users is Hotmail forgot password and unable access to their own account. Well, the real problem is that you can’t recover the forgotten password once again; though, this is for the security of your own account as recovery the past password is a security threat.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to get back into your own Hotmail account. Here, you have a method to get back into your own account by resetting the password. The password reset is the way to get back into your account, as this is the best ever alternative; you need to verify your account to get back control of own account.

In order to get back on your own Hotmail account, you need to follow some step to recover Hotmail forgot password. It is safe, as only a real owner can get the password reset and this doesn’t want you to be tech savvy. The idea is simple with an on-screen instruction for you to get the things done. In fact, this step by step guide is also useful.

6 Steps to Reset Forgot Hotmail Password

1.) Your first step is to visit the Reset your password page of Hotmail or click on this direct link

forgot Hotmail password

2.) Here, you need to enter your Hotmail email address, phone number or Skype ID you used when you created your Microsoft account

3.) Then you need to verify your identity.

4.) It will ask you to verify your phone number or email id which you have registered with this account.

5.) After that, you will get a code and you need to enter the code which you will receive.

6.) Once you enter that code on the next screen, then you will be able to make a new password and replace the old one

See, this is easy to get your password reset with a new one and get into your account. Here, your account is secure from hacking as you have to verify before resetting the password. We have a quick tip for all Hotmail and Microsoft users; just make sure to keep your account settings and recovery information updated for any such situations.

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