How To Forward AOL Mail to Gmail Account?

forward aol mail to Gmail

Whether you find it annoying to use multiple email accounts or you just want to keep things convenient while accessing emails, whatever be the reason, with Gmail account you can easily make things simple and convenient for yourself. One of such things includes forwarding your email from other email accounts to Gmail. If you are using an AOL Mail and looking to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail, the following guide is what you need.

5 Steps to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail:

1.) Sign into your Gmail account and click on the Gear icon located on the top-right corner of your screen. A drop-down menu will open up.

setting in Gmail

2.) Select Settings option from the drop-down menu. This will open a Settingswindow. Under Settings window, go to the Accounts and Import option located at the top.

3.) Under Check mail from other accounts option, click on the Add a mail account link. Enter the email address of your AOL Mail on the prompted window account and then click Next. Again on the next screen click Next after ensuring that option Import emails from my other account (POP3) is selected.

4.) Then on the next screen, if you want you can choose the options such as

  • leave copies of your retrieved message on the server and
  • label incoming messages
  • Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox)

5.) Once you are done making changes, click on the Add Account button and follow on-screen instructions to complete the Setup.

So these are the steps to forward AOL mail to Gmail to keep things convenient while accessing emails, If still getting any issue then you have to work with the official technical support team

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Mike C.Posted on 12:10:24 - May 2020, 01

You are leaving out a very important thing to be done involving Steps 3 and 4 under Item 5 (Forwarding AOL mail to Gmail). What you don't mention is, you also have to fill in server name and port information. I keep getting the thing rejected because it says the deal is being timed out because I have entered incorrect server name and port information. First off, I have the AOL ports as either 25 or 465, neither of which are an option on the Port dropdown menu. Secondly, as far as I know, the AOL server name is I enter that. But I keep getting the transfer rejected. ??????

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