How to Insert Images on Yahoo! Mail?

An image is better at communicating a story or passing on information to the reader then the written words. Images grab the attention of a reader you can use them in your email for making communication better.

These days, many of the Yahoo users have been using an “inline images” feature to make their email look striking. Adding inline images in your Yahoo mail not only makes your email attractive but also keep you away from a headache of downloading an image on the computer system/ laptop/ mobile device. Within the body of your Yahoo mail, you can drag & drop an image of your choice. Indeed, you will get a choice of selecting between two dissimilar sizes during inserting images into the message body.

Its users can put some text before or after the images and those images will display on the system screen as the reader will scroll through your message.

Let’s find a right method of using embedded images in Yahoo mail.

Steps to Insert Image In Yahoo Mail:

  • In case you want to include any image in your Yahoo email, you need to right-hit the image and choose the “Copy” choice.
  • After that, you need to press “Ctrl-V” for pasting it in the Yahoo Mail composition window.
  • And if you enter on the photo, you will see drag handles on the PC screen and can be used for resizing or distorting the image.
  • For removing an image, enter it and press “Delete.”

These steps will guide you the perfect way to insert an image directly in your message with the relevant text.

Guidelines for adding image attachments:

  • You need to click the paperclip icon for opening a browser window and choose the image that you wish to attach and enter “Open.”
  • Now, for selecting several files, you have to hold the “Ctrl” key while choosing the images.
  • Apart from this, you can also attach photos via dragging images from File Explorer and then immediately release them in the composition window.
  • A preview will appear in the email’s bottom Attachments segment.
  • You need to move your system mouse pointer over the image and then click the “X” for deleting an image or enter “Remove All” for removing all the attached images.

Note: Animated GIFs are supported too

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