How To Make Yahoo As a Homepage On Web Browser?

make yahoo my homepage

A Homepage is a webpage in your browser which you see each time you open that web browser. If you like your web browser to open Yahoo Homepage whenever you launch your browser, you can set it to be your default homepage. Depending on the browser, we have provided steps on how to make Yahoo my homepage.

4 Steps to Make Yahoo My Homepage:

For Google Chrome

1.) Open Google Chrome and click on the Settings icon located on the top-right corner of your screen. Select the Settings option from the menu.

setting in chrome

2.) Under the Settings window, click "Open a specific page or set of pages" option located under On Startup.

startup option in chrome setting

3.) Click on Set pages option. This will open the Startup pages window.

4.) Enter in the Add a new page section and click OK to confirm it.

For Firefox

1.) Launch Firefox browser and click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines). Select the Preferences icon (Gear icon) under it.

Mozilla settings

2.) Now, under the General page, under When Firefox starts drop-down menu, click on Show my home page option.

3.) Next, under Home Page field, enter

4.) Yahoo will be made as your default homepage for Firefox browser.

For Microsoft Edge

1.) Open Microsoft Edge browser and click on the More icon (three dotted lines) located on the upper right corner of your screen.

2.) From the drop-down menu, select Settings option. Under Settings, click A specific page or pages under Open Microsoft Edge option.

3.) Enter by entering a URL field. Click on the Save icon. Next, click on the View advanced settings option and activate Show the home button.

4.) Then, from the drop-down menu, click on A specific page. Enter under Enter a URL field. Finally, click on the Save icon.

For Safari

1.) Click Safari and select Preferences option.

2.) Now, go to General tab and under New windows open with the field, click on the Homepage option.

3.) Next, under New tabs open with the field, click on the Homepage option.

4.) Then, enter under Homepage field.

5.) Close the Preferences window and restart your browser to see if your homepage has been changed to Yahoo.

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