How to Migrate Yahoo! Mail and Contacts Into Gmail

It is true that Yahoo email is losing its attraction as well as its users to Gmail. People are switching from Yahoo to Gmail for better services. More than 500 million users suffered and lost faith in Yahoo after the security breach in 2013. And many users don’t like the continuous displaying of advertisements in their homepages along with the frequent server errors. Gmail is a faster, smarter and user-friendly way of communication to the modern people. And if you want to switch from yahoo email to Gmail, then you can do it very easily. And the most important, your emails and contacts will transfer with you. And after the transfer, you can send mail from any of the accounts. You can choose the preferred address in the Form section while composing or replying a mail.

Steps to Migrate Yahoo Mail and Contacts into Gmail:

  1. In the first stage of the process, you need to gather all the emails you want to transfer to Gmail. You can drag and drop or select and move the emails to the inbox.
  2. Now go to the Gmail account and open Settings tab by clicking on Gear icon.
  3. Now click on Accounts and Imports tab.
  4. Click the Import mail and contacts link from the window. If you have already imported email from another address, then choose Import from another address.
  5. Now you have to insert the Yahoo address in the text field.
  6. Now click on Continuous twice to go to the next page.
  7. A small sign in window will pop up from which you can log in to the Yahoo account.
  8. Now you have to confirm ShuttleCloude migration to transfer email and contacts by clicking Agree
  9. Now you have to close the window and return to Gmail.
  10. In Gmail, you need to select the options you want to choose: Import contacts, Import email and or Import new email for next 30 days.

Tips to Migrate Yahoo Mail and Contacts into Gmail

  1. It may take two days to import all the selected contacts and email to the Gmail depends on the number.
  2. Gmail will create a separate label for the imported message from Yahoo. The label will be named after your Yahoo address.
  3. You cannot import email from the trash, drafts and spam folders.
  4. The emails you have imported to your Gmail account will not be deleted from the Yahoo account.
  5. You can check the import status by clicking on Settings>Account and Imports.

You can stop migrating Yahoo Mail any time by clicking on Stop button.

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