How to Move a Message to Another Folder in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail offers amazing features to its users. You can update the theme, connect it to DropBox, use it on your Android & iOS device etc. One of the best features Yahoo Mail offers is the facility to create custom folders as per your preference such as place, project or topic. Creating such folders help in organizing your inbox to access, manage or located any email for future reference. Once you have created a folder, you can then start moving emails to another folder whenever they arrive in your inbox. To know how you can easily and quickly move emails to another folder, follow the step-by-step instruction provided below.

Steps to Move Emails in Another Folder in Yahoo Mail:

1.) Sign in with your Yahoo Mail account and open your inbox or another folder from which you want to move the email.

2.) Once you have opened the email, click on the Move option located at the top in the menu bar. Choose the desired folder from the drop-down list. The particular email will be moved to the selected folder.

3.) If you are looking to move multiple emails, then simply click the checkboxes next to all the emails that you want to move to another folder in the mailbox. If the emails you are selecting are in successive order, click on the checkbox next to the first email which you want to move and then press Shift and click on the last email that you want to move. This will select all the emails between the first and last selected emails.

4.) Once all the emails have been selected, click on the Move option located in the top menu bar. Select the preferred folder to move the emails.

5.) Moreover, instead of selecting from the given folder, you can also move the selected emails to a new folder. To do so, simply select the option Create folder.

6.) Give the folder a suitable title and press Enter. Emails will be moved to the newly created folder.

So, this is how you can easily move your email messages to another folder in your Yahoo Mail account.


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