How to Protect From Hack Gmail Account?

Most of the Gmail users are not aware of how vulnerable their account could be to cyber threats. Though Google is well known for its security and reliability, it is always a good idea to keep your Gmail account secured against hacking, phishing, and other online threats. Keeping your account safe is important mainly because it contains some of your most sensitive information such as banking details, private photos, videos, and other online accounts password details etc. If a hacker gets access to any of this information, it can be misused by him for wrong purposes. So if you think you have hack Gmail account then it is recommended to always access your account on the trusted device and make the most of security measures offered by Gmail.

By following the suggestions recommended below, you can make your Gmail account more secure and protect hack Gmail account.

Measures to Protect Hack Gmail Account

1.) Restrict the Applications from Having Access to your Personal Information

Each time you install a new app on your device, it asks for Google account authorization. If you allow an app means that you are providing it access to your information. Even when you don’t use an application, it has access to the information. To know about the applications having access to your Gmail information click on this link – If you don’t use certain apps in the list shown, you can delete them by clicking on the particular app and then on the Remove access button.

2.) Change your Password Frequently

It is recommended to change your Gmail password every few months. Also, you must never share your password with anyone and you should use the same password for any other online account. Moreover, make sure to create a unique and complex password having a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters.

3.) Use 2-Step Verification feature

Gmail is known for offering two-step verification features as an added security measure. Activating this feature sends a verification code to your phone number each time you access your Gmail account from a new device. To activate this feature in your Gmail account:

  • Sign into your Gmail account and click on the My Account button located under your Profile photo located on the top-right corner.
  • Next, click on the Sign-in security option.
  • Scroll down and click on the 2-Step Verification.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

4.) Check Whether your Account is Opened in any Suspicious Locations

If you notice that your account is being accessed from some different locations as well – you need to act right away. Scroll down in your Gmail account and click on the “Details” option located on the right-hand side of your screen under “Last account activity” option. Here you will get to know about the different locations from where your account is being accessed. If you find any unfamiliar location, scroll back to the top and click on the “Sign out all other sessions” and change your password. Also, make sure that you have enabled the option “Show an alert for unusual activity”.

So, these are some of the ways to keep your Gmail account protected from online threats.

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