How To Recover Forgot Password Of Hushmail?

If you have enabled passphrase (password) recovery feature for your Hushmail account, you can easily reset your passphrase or password for users on your domain by following the instructions mentioned below.

In order to reset passphrase for users, you must be able to:

  • Access to a passphrase component.
  • Sign into Hushtools with your administrator account.

You will need to follow the steps to access a passphrase component.

1.) Log into your Hushmail account where passphrase components for your domain are stored. This account should be either your administrator account or a specific account(s) selected by you at the time of configuration of passphrase recovery.

2.) Simply click on the mail folder titled “Passphrase Shadows”.

3.) Next, you will need to open the most recent email for the relevant account whose passphrase you want to change or reset.

4.) After that, you will need to copy the passphrase component from the message as using this only you will be able to reset the passphrase.

Now to reset the passphrase, simply follow the steps given below.

1.) Log into Hushtools using your administrator account.

2.) Go to the Users option and select Show all users option to get a list of users on your domain.

3.) Now click on the edit link located next to the username that you wish to reset passphrase for.

4.) Next, you will need to click on the Reset Passphrase option.

5.) After that, you will need to paste the copied passphrase component into the field titles “Paste one of the passphrase components required for reset”

6.) Now you will need to enter your new passphrase (password) in the field named “Enter the new passphrase”. Confirm the passphrase entered by you.

7.) After that, you will need to click on the OK button.

8.) You will now be able to log into your Hushmail account using your new passphrase.

So, these are the steps to easily regain the access to your Hushmail email account when you have forgotten your account’s password of when your account has been hacked by anyone.


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