How To Set Up Yahoo Account Key

setup Yahoo account key

Get Account Key!

The idea to set up Yahoo Account Key is the best way to get the top security feature on your Yahoo Mail account. When your password fails, you need to think over the other alternatives for keeping your account safe and secure. The Yahoo Account Key came as a rescue for Yahoo users; this is one of the ways to get the account secure without any password. So, no worries about losing passwords and account hacking; you have control of your account.

We have this quick guide for Yahoo users to get rid of the constant threat of losing their account; they can easily enable Yahoo Account Key. Use this step-by-step guide and get your account safe and secure.

8 Steps To Set Up Yahoo Account Key?

  1. Your first step is to go to the Yahoo Account security page; this might ask you to sign in if you are not signed in
  2. After that, click on the See how it works promptly from your screen
  3. Here, you need to choose your device and app to be notified of for sign in attempts
  4. Now, click on the option of Send me a notification; you will get a notification the app you selected for configuring it
  5. Meanwhile, from your mobile device, you need to tap on the Approve icon
  6. Then, come back in your web browser, and here click on Always use Yahoo Account Key in order to enable it
  7. After that, confirm your mobile phone number, which is used if you lose access to your device for recovering your account
  8. You have successfully enabled the Yahoo Account Key for your account

You have enabled Yahoo Account Key for your Yahoo account, now this is the time to learn to access it. This guide is useful for new users of Yahoo Account Key and users who want to learn the correct method to use it.

How to use Yahoo Account Key for signing into your account?

  • Start with signing into the Yahoo account from the Yahoo sign-in page
  • Here, you need to provide your Yahoo ID, and then click on the Next button; this will send you a notification to your Yahoo Account Key enabled device for signing approval
  • Now, move to your device and tap on the notification or open the app and tap the Account Key icon for allowing this sign-in attempt
  • Here, tap the Approve icon here
  • Additionally, you might be prompted to either enter or tap a verification code to confirm your identity

Here, you can see that using Yahoo Account Key is easy if you learn the correct way to do so. In case, you find any issue while using it, then you can take help from the above guide or connect the Yahoo customer support team.

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