How to Setup Fastmail for iPhone (Detail Information Step-by-Step)?

Fastmail is one of the most-used email services known for its powerful features, privacy, and security. While email is an easy way to accomplish effective communication, it gets easier when you configure it on your iPhone. Whether you have bought a new iPhone or have decided to switch from another email to Fastmail, you will require the best information on how to set up Fastmail for iPhone.

You have come across several posts on the Internet in quest of the best configuration steps but in vain. Here, you are guaranteed an error-free setup Fastmail for iPhone guide. Read on to learn how to set up your Fastmail on iPhone. Before you go ahead and completer the setup process, get ready with your device and also log in to Fastmail on a web browser.

Setup Fastmail for iPhone – How to Set up Your Email on Apple Device?

Apart from its cleaner interface and stunning design, Apple’s iPhones have, time and again, managed to surprise its loyal consumers with its extraordinary user-friendly, extreme security, compatibility, resale value, support, and accessibility features. Configuring your email on your latest iPhone allows you to send and receive emails on the go. Let’s check out the steps to set up Fastmail on your iPhone using these easy steps.

  • Unlock your new Apple device and navigate to the “Settings” app.
  • Tap the Settings app and then tap “Mail”.

Note: Tap “Passwords & Accounts” if you are using iOS 13 or below.

  • Next, you need to tap the options “Accounts” > “Add Account” > “Other”.
  • Tap “Add Mail Account” and provide the following information in the required fields –
  • Name: Enter your full name (that people will see when they receive emails from you)
  • Email: In this section, you need to enter your Fastmail email address or username (including the domain)
  • Password: Here, you are giving in your iPhone app password. (Click here to learn what an app password is.)
  • Description: In the Description section, describe your email address. You can give a name (anything) to identify this account.
  • Are you using a custom domain? Enter your Host Name, Username, and Password for outgoing and incoming mail servers.
  • Incoming Host Name:
  • Outgoing Host Name:
  • Username: It has to be your Fastmail email address or username. It should also include the domain.
  • Password: Enter your iPhone app password. (Refer to the above link to know what an app password is)
  • You will tap “Next”.
  • Tap “Save”.

As soon as you tap the Save button, the configuration process is done. You are now ready to use your email to send and receive emails.

How to Configure the Advanced Settings for Optimal Use of Your iPhone?

When you configure the Advanced Settings, you can see your messages – that you either send or delete – from the FastMail webmail interface. You can also see these messages from other email programs if you have configured any. This is how you can configure the Advanced Settings.

  • Press the Home button and select “Settings”.
  • Next, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  • Tap the newly generated or created account from the list.
  • Select the “Advanced” button (you can scroll down for this option).
  • Modify the “Mailbox Behaviors” entries and tap “Drafts Mailbox”.
  • This will bring the folder list to the server. Select the Drafts folder and tap the “Advanced” button when done.
  • Tap “Sent Mailbox”, select “Sent Items”, and then click the “Advanced” button when done.
  • Tap “Deleted Mailbox” and select the “Trash” folder.
  • Now, press the Home button.
  • This will finish the Advanced Settings configuration.

You should be able to use your Fastmail on the Apple device perfectly.

If you run into an issue while configuring your new email address on your device while setting up your Calendar, Contacts, or Notes, get in touch with your manufacturer. The industry-trained professionals will come up with the most reliable resolutions.

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