How to Delete a Yandex.Mail Account?

delete Yandex Email Account

As a Yandex.Mail user, you must be familiar with this amazing free email client service which offers great features including IMAP, POP, Filtering and yes loads of unlimited storage space.

Still, if you wish to close your Yandex Mail account, the process is quite simple, and yes you can delete it permanently. However, before deleting your account completely, make sure to back up all your information data and information from your Yandex.Mail account.

Also, make sure to inform your contacts about the same and if possible provide them with an alternate email address in order to contact you in future. Well, once you have backed up everything, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to permanently delete Yandex Mail account.

10 Steps to Delete Yandex Mail account:

1.) Sign in to your Yandex.Mail account which you wish to delete.

2.) Click on your email address and avatar located on the upper-right corner of your Yandex.Mail account’s screen.

3.) Click on the Passport from the menu that appears on your Yandex.Mail screen.

4.) Now, follow the Delete account link located under personal informationoption.

5.) Next, you will need to review the list under the option – The following Yandex services are presently active on your account. Simply copy the data which you wish to store from any of the given services as Yandex will remove all the data listed.

6.) When prompted, answer the security question under Answer option.

7.) Then, enter your Yandex.Mail password under Password field.

8.) After that, you will need to type the letters and numbers shown in the Captcha image under the message- Enter the symbols from the picture on the left.

9.) Now, simply click on the Delete account option.

10.) Click on the Continue button. Your Yandex.Mail account will get deleted permanently. Once you delete your account, no one will be able to re-create a Yandex account using your credentials. Also, anyone sending email to your deleted account will receive a mail delivery failure message in their email account.

So these are the simple 10 steps on how to delete Yandex Mail account.

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