How to Sync Yahoo Calendar With iPhone Calendar

From setting alarms for the next morning to scheduling meetings and events, we like to set reminders in order to be able to make time for them. Yahoo Calendar is considered to be very handy in setting reminders for upcoming commitments. To make most of this feature while you are on the go, you can sync Yahoo Calendar with iPhone Calendar and keep track of all your scheduled meetings, event, and other commitments. To know how to synchronize Yahoo Calendar with iPhone Calendar, see the instructions given below.

sync Yahoo calendar with iphone

7 Steps to Sync Yahoo Calendar with iPhone Calendar

1.) On your iPhone, tap on the Settings icon. Under Settings, go to the Calendars.

2.) In case you have not yet added the Yahoo Mail account in your iPhone Mail, tap the Add Account option located in the Accounts section.

3.) Select the Yahoo option from the list and enter your complete Yahoo Mail address in the Enter Your Email field. Tap Next. Enter your Yahoo Mail password under the Password field. Tap Next.

4.) Make sure to mark Calendars ON.  After that, tap Save.

5.) If you have already added your Yahoo Mail account in iPhone Mail, tap on the Yahoo account and ensure that Calendars is marked ON. After that, press the Home button.

6.) In case your Yahoo Mail account is not synchronizing properly, it is best to remove it and re-install it.

7.) To delete an already-synchronized Yahoo Calendar account from your iPhone, go to Settings > Calendars > Yahoo and tap Delete Account and then tap Delete from My iPhone.

So, this is how you can easily Sync your Yahoo Calendar with iPhone Calendar and keep track of all your upcoming commitments, whenever, wherever.

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