How To Fix Common Hotmail Sign Up Problems

hotmail sign up error

Creating a Microsoft Hotmail account usually takes no more than 30 seconds, however, sometimes, some problems can prevent you from signing up for a Hotmail account. If you are facing any such problem when trying to create a new Hotmail account, follow the suggestions provided here to overcome the problem.

10 Steps To Fix Common Hotmail Sign Up Problems

1.) Firstly, make sure that the problem is not at the Microsoft’s end. If there seems to be a problem at their end, wait until the problem gets resolved.


  • If you are getting an error code 450 or an error message which starts with letters LEFKPK, this means that there is some temporary problem with Microsoft account sign-up service. You will need to wait for 24 hours before trying to create a Hotmail account again.
  • If you are unable to create an account even after waiting for 24 hours and the error message you see contains characters 675b, it is suggested to keep waiting and then try again.
  • If you are seeing an error message which includes x800482d4 or contains letter LEFKPK, it is best to contact Microsoft support to get more assistance.

2.) Next, make sure the device on which you are trying to sign up for a Microsoft Hotmail account is connected to the internet network. Also, make sure that the internet is working properly.

3.) Then, you need to make sure that the web browser through which you are trying to create your Hotmail account is compatible and up-to-date with the latest version.

4.) Sometimes, any browser enhancements can also prevent the web browser from working as usual. In such a case, it is suggested to disable browser add-ons and plug-ins (one at a time) to check which one is actually causing the sign-up error.

5.) Make sure that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your web browser. if they are not active, you may face problem signing up for Hotmail account.

6.) When you are on the Microsoft Hotmail Sign-up page, make sure that you are not leaving any field blank as it can prevent you from moving on to next step for creating your Hotmail account.

NOTE: Make sure the username you are choosing is not already taken.

7.) Check the length of the password you create. The password you create should meet the criteria of Microsoft in order to create your account.

8.) Try using a different internet network and even computer to ensure that the problem is not with your internet network or computer using which you are trying to create your Hotmail account.

9.) If you are trying to create multiple Hotmail accounts in a day from the same IP address, you may face sign up error for creating a Hotmail account. This is because Microsoft has put a limit to the number of accounts you can create in a day from the same IP address. In such a case, waiting a day should clear your issue.

10.) In case you have considered the above-mentioned suggestions but you are still not able to create your Hotmail account, it is suggested to contact Microsoft customer support.

So, these are the common problems and solutions that you need to consider when trying to create a new Microsoft Hotmail account.

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