Zoho Mail vs. Fastmail – What Are the Key Differences?

zoho mail vs fastmail

In this day and age, everyone has an email address. It is the ultimate communication tool for both business and personal purposes. Although various chat services have been introduced for informal conversation, email is the most sought-after medium. With globalization (the ever-increasing interdependence of the world’s populations, economies, and cultures brought aboutby cross-border trade in goods and services, people, information, technology, and flows of investment.

In other words, the speedup of movements and exchanges all over the planet.), people want to expand their business using the Internet, by reaching out to more customers and clients. Hence, email remains the indispensable platform for communication.

Today, many leading tech companies, cable and broadband providers, software,and web hosting companies offer their email services to their millions of customers and users. Zoho Mail and Fastmail are the two major email services flouting several million customers.

Zoho Mail vs. Fastmail – Zoho Mail Review and Fastmail Review

In this blog, you will learn about the main features and the key differences between these two email service platforms. Zoho Mail vs. Fastmail – read on to know which platform is better.

What Is Zoho?

What Is Fastmail?

A web-based online office suite.

Email, calendars, and contacts done right.

This is a powerful (unique) suite of software to run your entire business.

Fastmail is a secure, reliable email hosting for businesses.

Zoho contains spreadsheets, databases, presentations, word processing, note-taking, customer relationship management, invoicing, web conferencing, project management, and other applications.

Premium email with rapid personal support, excellent spam protection, and no ads.


  1. Zoho Mail Review

One of the leading professional email providers, Zoho Mail boasts some of the highest standard customization tools and security features that prove to be just ideal for business. If you even use the free version, you are surely bequeathed a wide range of impressive features. Shifting to the paid ones (Premium and Business), you are likely to avail of yourself some high-end features. Also, the paid ones are available at an affordable price.

  • Rating: 3.5***
  • Price: from $1 per month
  • Free Version: Yes
  • Storage: 5-200 GB

Zoho MailPros and Cons

Zoho Mail Pros

Zoho Mail Cons

Great collaboration tools

Limited storage in free version

Calendar and notes

Not great for personal use

Great value options


POP and IMAP support


Custom Domains


Easy to use


Migration capabilities


Free version


Best for businesses



Zoho Mail Features

Some of the greatest features for which Zoho Mail remains a topnotch choice are –

  • Email suite
  • Custom domains
  • Control panel
  • Zoho streams
  • Migration tools


Zoho Mail Security & Privacy Features

While seeking the best email service for your business or personal use, security and privacy are something to look up to. Security features are surely essential things and you cannot take them for granted. Zoho Mail has some of the industry-leading security features –

  • Encryption
  • Discrete data centers
  • 2FA
  • Suspiciousactivity report
  • Appropriate security certificates
  • 0Auth 2.0


Zoho Mail Plans and Pricing

You may not like the free version always. So, what are the plans?

  • Zoho Forever Free
  • Zoho Mail Lite: $1 a month
  • Zoho Mail Premium: $4a month
  • Zoho Mail Workplace: starts from $3 a month

2) Fastmail Review

A security-focused email service provider, Fastmail was previously owned by Opera. It is a well-known email service that offers no ads. It offers no free version. That means you will have to pay a certain amount to use it. Also, its business accounts boast a separate tier of offerings.

  • Rating:2.1***
  • Price: from $3 per month
  • Free Version:No
  • Storage: 2-100 GB

Fastmail Pros and Cons

Fastmail Pros

Fastmail Cons

Support for PGP and IMAP

No free version

Extensive notification settings

No end-to-end encryption

Efficient and highly customizable spam filters

Five Eyes country

No ads


Fastmail Features

Some of the features that have attracted many includes

  • Customizable notifications
  • Aliases
  • Proprietary anti-spam filters
  • Import/ Export from other email services
  • Email search feature
  • Calendar, email, and contacts in one app

Fastmail Pricing and Plans

It has three different plans –

  • Basic: It costs $3 a month and is known for privacy-first email, calendars, and contacts.
  • Standard: It costs $5 a month and is known for enhanced features for personal or business.
  • Professional: It costs $9 a month and is known for email retention archive for email pros and businesses.

Go through each aspect of these two email service providers and decide which platform suits you better. If you are unsure, why not speak to your colleagues and friends? You may also seek the help of experts to decide what is better for you.

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