How to Add Bcc Recipients in Yahoo! Mail

Now and then, be it at the professional front or at personal, most of us are familiar with send emails for different purposes. Sometimes, when sending emails, we also mark CC (Carbon Copy) to some people. Just like CC, there is also an option by the name BCC. For those who are not familiar, BCC is short for Blind Carbon Copy. Unlike CC, BCC option in an email lets the sender hide any recipient’s name from other receivers of the email. To know how you can add BCC Recipients to an Email in your Yahoo Mail account, follow the guide provided below.

Steps to Add BCC Recipients to an Email in Yahoo Mail Account

1.) Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and click on the Compose option on the left side of your Yahoo Mail account’s page.

2.) Now, as you would be sending emails to multiple people, first enter the main recipient’s (if any) email address in the empty field next to “To” option.

3.) Now, click on the CC/BCC option located on the right side of the “To” field. You will get two fields opened – CC and BCC.

4.) If you want to add email addresses in CC field, simply enter the email address of the recipient and hit Spacebar to add more.

5.) Similarly, you will need to enter the email address in the BCC field. Enter the email address in the BCC field and press Spacebar if you wish to add multiple email addresses.

6.) Enter the subject of the email in the Subject field and then enter the message in the section provided below Subject.

7.) If you need to attach a file in the email, click on the Pin icon located next to the Send button on the bottom section. Select the desired option from the menu and upload the attachment in your email.

8.) Once the attachment uploads, review everything. After that, click on the Sendbutton. Your email will be delivered to the respective recipients. Email addresses marked under BCC will not be visible to other recipients.

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Tony WaldronPosted on 07:45:36 - December 2019, 16

Thanks. However looking at sent mail I don’t seem to be able to see the BCC list. It shows briefly when sending in progress but then only one address. Is there a way to switch it on for me the sender? (not recipients of course) Thanks

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