Secure Yahoo Account To Protect Against Online Threats

Nowadays, having your Yahoo account secured with just a password is not considered sufficient. The sudden rise in the cyber crimes has compelled email service providers to offer more security measures in their email platform. If you are a Yahoo Mail user and want to secure Yahoo account so you can follow the steps provided below.

Steps to Secure Yahoo Account

Yahoo is known for offering two-step verification as an added security feature to make your account more protected against intrusion. To activate this feature in your Yahoo account, follow these steps:

1.) Sign into your Yahoo account and mouse over to your Profile name located on the top-right side.

2.) From the menu that appears, click on the Account info option.

3.) Under Account info, click on the Account security option.

NOTE: You may be asked to provide your password in order to access Account security section.

4.) Under Account security section, click on the Slider button located next to Two-step verification feature.

5.) On the next page, you will be prompted to enter your Mobile number. Enter your mobile number and click on the “Send SMS” or ”Call me” button to receive the verification code.

6.) Enter the verification code on the next screen and click on the Verify button.

7.) Two-step verification feature will get activated on your Yahoo account.

NOTE: If you are using applications like iOS mail or Outlook to access your Yahoo Mail account, you will need to generate an app password to access your Yahoo Mail account on these apps. This is because; such apps do not support two-step verification.

To Generate App Password

  • Go to your Profile name > Account info > Account security.
  • Click on the option Generate app passwords.
  • On the next screen, choose the app from the option “Select your app” and click on the Generate button.
  • Copy the password and use it to access your Yahoo Mail account on your desired application.

So, this is how you can secure Yahoo account against online threats.

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